NZ Synergy Study

A Residential Nutrition Study for Diabetes Prevention

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Would you like to participate in a two-week nutrition study? Are you concerned about your diabetes risk?

We will investigate whether the foods that you eat (your diet) alters circulating blood markers that we have recently found to be associated with the risk of type 2 diabetes.

You will be required to:

  1. Live at the Human Nutrition Unit, Mt Eden for two weeks (you may attend daily work, classes, or visit friends and family during the day – but must only eat the food and drinks that we will provide to you).
  2. Avoid vigorous exercise (e.g. power walking, running, intense cycling).
  3. Consume all of your meals and snacks provided.

If you are in the Auckland area and are:

  1. Elevated fasting blood sugar but not yet diabetic (we can check this for you)
  2. Chinese (including mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan) or European Caucasian
  3. Between 18-60 yrs
  4. Have a BMI 24-40 kg/m2 (overweight/obesity)
  5. Happy to participate in a 2 week residential study
  6. Happy to eat a wide range of foods (you cannot be vegetarian or vegan)

You will be compensated for your time.

IMPORTANT: You cannot be in the study if you have already been diagnosed with diabetes.

Complete the pre-screening survey here.

If you want to know more information, please get in touch with us:
Phone: 02109196703 (Chinese speakers) / 02109195443 (English speakers)

Statement of ethics approval
This study has received ethical approval from the Southern Health and Disability Ethics Committee (20/STH/51).…

If you have any further questions, please see our FAQs




您想参加为期 2 周的营养研究吗?您是否担心自己的糖尿病风险呢?

我们将调查您的饮食是否会改变一些我们最近发现与 2 型糖尿病风险相关的循环血液标志物。


  1. 在伊甸山的人类营养学研究所生活 2 周(您可以在白天正常上班,上课或探望朋友和家人,但是只能食用我们将为您提供的食物和饮料)。
  2. 避免激烈运动(例如:强力步行,跑步,剧烈骑自行车)。
  3. 食用所有提供给您的餐点和小吃。


  1. 高空腹血糖,但未患上糖尿病(我们会为您检测)
  2. 亚裔华人(包括中国大陆,香港,台湾,新加坡,马来西亚)或欧裔高加索人
  3. 18 - 60 岁之间
  4. 体重指数(BMI)为 24 - 40 kg/m2(超重 / 肥胖)
  5. 愿意参与为期 2 周的住宿研究
  6. 愿意食用各类的食物(您不能是素食或纯素食主义者)





电话:02109196703(中文解说员)/ 02109195443(英文解说员)