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(1998)Methodological issues relating to the measurement of food, energy and nutrient intake in humanlaboratory-based studies.pdf  1.88 MB
(1998)Short-term effects of macronutrient preloads on appetite and energy intake.pdf  181.00 KB
(2000)Macronutrient disposal during controlled overfeeding with glucose, fructose, sucrose or fat in lean and obese women.pdf  167.00 KB
(2002) Long-term effects of ad libitum low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets on body weight and serum lipids in overweight subjects with metabolic syndrome.pdf  200.00 KB
(2008)No effect of an oleoylethanolamide related phospholipid on satiety and energy intake a randomised controlled trial of phosphatidylethanolamine.pdf  1.01 MB
(2010)Fatty acid chain length, postprandial satiety and food intake in lean men..pdf  674.00 KB
(2010)No evidence of differential effects of SFA, MUFA or PUFA on post-ingestive satiety and energy intake a randomised trial of fatty acid saturation..pdf  810.00 KB
(2011)Low-dose whey protein-enriched water beverages alter satiety in a study of overweight women..pdf  281.00 KB
(2012)Postprandial lipemia and cardiovascular disease risk Interrelationships between dietary, physiological and genetic determinants..pdf  423.00 KB
(2012)Sensitivity of ad libitum meals to detect changes in hunger. Restricted-item or multi-item testmeals in the design of preload appetite studies.pdf  646.00 KB
(2012)The emulsified lipid Fabuless (Olibra) does not decrease food intake but suppresses appetite when consumed with yoghurt but not alone or with solid foods a food effect study..pdf  1003.00 KB
Chan_et_al_casein_hydrolysate_cholesterol_lowering_Nutr_Food_Sci_2014[1].pdf  598.00 KB
Cooper, G.J.S. et al. 2008..pdf  188.00 KB
Cooper, G.J.S. et al. 2008.pdf  188.00 KB
Cooper_et_al_INFO_Cardiac_Diabetologia_2009[1].pdf  188.00 KB
Cooper2004_HeartRegeneration.pdf  2.78 MB
CooperPoppitt2005_CuHomeostasis.pdf  133.00 KB
Human Nutrition Unit_Auckland, NZ_Overview.pdf  45.00 KB
Human Nutrition Unit_Auckland, NZ_Overview_2007.pdf  56.00 KB
Keogh2003_EnrichedBarley.pdf  118.00 KB
Lipid Emulsion_V5_05_March_09.pdf  25.00 KB
Lithander, F.E. et al. 2008..pdf  1.01 MB
Lithander2008_FastingAdpn 2008.pdf  399.00 KB
Lu, J. et al. 2010. Pharmacokinetic.pdf  360.00 KB
Lu, J. et al. 2010.pdf  185.00 KB
Lu2007_Triethylenetetramine.pdf  285.00 KB
McGill2008_VitDMetabolicSyndrome.pdf  371.00 KB
McGregor&Poppitt_Milk_Proteins_and_Human_Health_Ch19_2014[1].pdf  656.00 KB
McGregor_&_Poppitt_Milk_protein_for_improved_metabolic_health_Nutr_Metab_2013[1].pdf  291.00 KB
McGregor_et_al_2014_microRNAs_in_age_related_changes_in_skeletal_muscle_diet&exercise__healthy_aging[1].pdf  1.05 MB
MetSyn Poster.pdf  330.00 KB
MetSyn Poster_1.pdf  330.00 KB
NiMhurchuPoppitt2004_MarinePolysaccharide.pdf  113.00 KB
PIS+ICF_PREVIEW_FINAL_V3_16082013.pdf  687.00 KB
Poppitt, S.D. et al. 2009.pdf  235.00 KB
Poppitt, S.D. et al. 2010. Fatty acid.pdf  674.00 KB
Poppitt_et_al_Bovine_CML_Containing_Gangliosides_for_Prevention_of_RV_Infection_Diarrhoea_in_Indian_Infants_2014[1].pdf  206.00 KB
Poppitt_et_al_Etiology_of_Obesity_NZ_cohorts_2013[1].pdf  546.00 KB
Poppitt_SD_Carbohydrates_and_Satiety_2013[1].pdf  174.00 KB
Poppitt2002_LipidLoweringEffects.pdf  159.00 KB
Poppitt2004_DietaryFattyAcid.pdf  151.00 KB
Poppitt2005_ErythrocytePhospholipid.pdf  785.00 KB
Poppitt2005_HighFatMeals.pdf  119.00 KB
Poppitt2005_PostprandialLipaemia.pdf  105.00 KB
Poppitt2007_OatBarleyBGlucan.pdf  41.00 KB
Poppitt2007_SupplementationHighCHO.pdf  310.00 KB
Poppitt2008_AdiponectinResponse.pdf  241.00 KB
Shin_et_al_can_all_macronutrients_put_a_brake_on_eating_Physiol&Behav_2013[1].pdf  507.00 KB
Strik, C.M. et al. 2010.pdf  810.00 KB
Trial 22_POSTER_V2_9_Sept_2008.pdf  85.00 KB
Yip_et_al_Plate_size_in_overweight_unrestrained_women_Appetite_2013[1].pdf  631.00 KB